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About Us

Market-leading manufacturer and distributor of nutraceutical beverage products.

Our Vision

The Bee Firm products found in every home. Long-term, we will be worldwide leaders in the specialty functional beverage sector creating new eras of health, growth, prosperity and brand loyalty.

flying bee

Company facts

Foundation and first Product launch

January 2017 in Perth, Western Australia

Privately owned and operated FMCG business.

In 2018 we were proud to receive the Department of Primary Industries Economic Development Award for directly and indirectly employing and working with Aboriginal communities to create an innovative, healthy product.

Kakadu Plum (Gubinge)
The highest Vitamin C content of any natural food in the world, 100 times more than an orange! One of Australia’s superfoods!

A root ground down and used to increase mental alertness.

100% Darling Range Honey
Possessing antibacterial and prebiotic properties, together with a wonderful sweet taste profile; and being readily available due to the abundance of Eucalypt trees is the reason we choose this specific honey.

Sea Cucumber
Traditionally farmed by First Nations People, Sea Cucumber possesses every amino acid and high collagen levels.

Product Availability

To purchase currently please visit our shop online. The Bee Firm range of products are gaining numbers in Australian independent stores across the country and currently we are in negotiations to export internationally. Everyone is getting the buzz!

Why are we here?

The Bee Firm is committed to making conscious, positive, decisions about health, environment and people. We use our ingredients and products as a vehicle to educate about culture, history, health and wellbeing. We commenced with fully recyclable plastic packaging and are now moving to glass and aluminum packaging. We are committed to programs that will educate and provide opportunities for growth and development for our world now and into the future.

flying bee

BEE the Change You Want to See in the World!

What exactly is it that we are consuming when we drink energy drinks and other similar products AND why can’t we create a healthier, tastier alternative? – WE DID! 


Our Story

“Ed questioned why there was no healthy alternative in the beverage market.”

Our Founder Edward Owen is a passionate Jet Boat racer. In 2015, whilst competing, he noticed that many of his competitors were being sponsored by unhealthy, heavily processed drinks. He investigated this and discovered that these competitors were, in many cases, not consuming the drinks they were sponsored by.

flying bee

Our Branding

Journey and Partner


The Bee Firm works with and celebrates a number of Aboriginal businesses. We are not an Aboriginal business however The Bee Firm aims to partner and support Aboriginal Businesses, Artists, Suppliers and Communities and contribute positively to reconciliation and inclusion of all cultures.

Early on whilst developing relationships with suppliers of our key ingredients; our initial plan to integrate Aboriginal art into the very fabric of our brand evolved and it was then The Bee Firm was introduced to Kevin Bynder. A great relationship started and we are proud to have Kevin’s artwork, guidance and support underpinning our brand. The artwork tells a story of the honey and hives. As we develop as a business we will be proud to continue telling our story and keep the legacy going.



Kevin Bynder

Descending from mother


Descending from father

Widi Badimia Yamatji

Artwork Dated


The painting shows the golden sands and the hills of the Kimberley. From Broome to Kununurra, the circles represent the communities who collect the Honey and Gubinge.

Sustainable, Responsible and Proud of it!

The Bee Firm works with Save the Bees Australia to make sure our knowledge and practices will protect current bee populations and assist in the growth of new ones. We have employed a honey broker to guarantee that all the honey we use is from certified apiarists who possess the same level of commitment that we do.

We are proud to be positively impacting recycling by participating in the Containers for Change scheme and are actively using sustainable processes in our daily operations.


What are our Values?


In products, people and the world.


Natural, Chemical-free products.


Pivoting for performance.


Welcoming, understanding and including.


In everything we do.

Meet the BEE Team

Ed Owen

Founder and Director

Possessing a super innovative, active mind, Ed is always working on something. He saw the market was flooded with highly processed and chemically based energy and soft drinks. Ed asked why there could not be a healthy alternative and set about determined to find a natural solution. Proudly Australian, Ed was excited to discover Aboriginal ingredients he could include in the drinks and so the journey and some amazing relationships began!

When Ed talks about his products, he just cannot contain his passion around all things healthy and natural and… that there is a better way to get a buzz!

Another one of Ed’s passions is Jet Boat racing and that is where you will not see a bigger smile on his face, racing fast and competing hard.


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