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Bee C Aqua – 350ml

“Australian made, good looking, great tasting,

Non alcoholic drink!”

Seeking out an Australian made, good looking, great tasting, non alcoholic drink?
Bee C Aqua combines ancient Aboriginal wisdom with signature Australian ingredients to create a premium beverage that is unique.
Red Gum Honey and Sea Cucumber together make a taste you have never had before.
We are proud to say you’ll want to share it and keep it to yourself at the same time!
70,000 years in the making and worth the wait.

$87.45 Including GST

Minimum Purchase:

1 Carton

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Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 280 g

Bee C Aqua -350ml


350ml glass bottle, fully-recyclable


Red Gum Honey + sea cucumber

Additives & Preservatives

NONE! No caffeine, no taurine, no artificial colours or preservatives, no processed sugars and chemical free.

Age Groups

Safe and suitable for all age groups


– For Athletes
– For Rehydration
– For health support
– For the great taste

Hear what they have to say

I’m not a sweets person at all, but the fact that I can have this drink and not have the horrible sugary taste in my mouth is incredible and it really does give me energy! It is by far the best energy drink alternative I have had.
Shania Peters
I really enjoy the flavour of the drink and better yet that it is healthy. I have to watch what I consume to keep fit. Bee nrg gives me the healthy energy I need without the crash afterwards. If you ask me, I’ll say, you can still be healthy and hang out with the cool kids.
Keenan “Crackers” Flemming
Motor Racer

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