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Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

August 2022 - August 2023

Our business

The Bee Firm provides an all natural, honey based drinks that contain a variety of ingredients including: Guarana, Ginseng and Kakadu Plum (Gubinge) and Sea Cucumber. There are no processed sugars, added caffeine or taurine in our products and we advocate healthy living and good relationships in our core values.

Currently The Bee Firm only has three employees.

Currently The Bee Firm does not employ any Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander staff. It is the intention to have opportunities in roles at all levels including traineeships, apprenticeships, entry level and mid-level roles as our business grows.

We currently supply locally in Western Australia and have commenced export internationally. Our future plans are to manufacture in WA. We are going to continue to export interstate and internationally.

Currently we have one office location in Applecross and one warehouse location in Bibra Lake. We are considering relocating our offices to the warehouse location and plan to build our own manufacturing and warehouse plant. The location for our own premises is yet to be decided.


The Founder of The Bee Firm, Ed Owen is a passionate Australian who believes everyone should have opportunity. Our internal RAP Champion is Jane Cook, Chief Operating Officer. Jane comes from a background in Human Resources and she is committed to creating and fostering opportunities and relationships. All of Ed’s associates and those developing the company hold a strong view around healthy living, building strong relationships and enabling everyone to grow and develop as individuals and in unity as a more inclusive Australian community.

We believe that continuing to build the relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is key. Mapping out ways we provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sub-contractor involvement and direct employment opportunities to foster growth and development as well as providing health education and sports sponsorship in remote communities.

Our reconciliation journey to date is limited to our good relationships with current networks and some initial Aboriginal Education Programs in schools. We are learning. We have met with a number of organisations to gain an understanding of their approach to RAPs. We engaged an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artist to produce an artwork that forms part of our branding and story. We have been meeting with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander companies to work through potential complimentary working relationships and in doing so, we are learning and being taught some of their wonderful traditions.

Our partnerships/current activities

We have been developing relationships with the Mulanga and Noongar mobs to assist us in our journey of developing relationships and creating business partnerships. In doing so, we have been gaining an understanding and education in Aboriginal traditions and history.

To date, we have been really pleased to work with Wesley Walley in delivering a Q & A at a local school during NAIDOC week in 2020. We plan to further develop this program and other reconciliation activities with guidance.


The Bee Firm Reflect RAP 2021 to 2022 Table 1


The Bee Firm Reflect RAP 2021 to 2022 Table 2


The Bee Firm Reflect RAP 2021 to 2022 Table 3


The Bee Firm Reflect RAP 2021 to 2022 Table 5_

CONTACT DETAILS (for public enquiries about our RAP):
Name: Jane Cook
Position: Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 0448 018 996


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