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Products of Distinction

Drink and live better with Nutritious alternatives.

Nutraceutical and functional - what does that mean?
Our drinks are classified Nutraceutical, Functional Drinks due to their lack of chemical composition and the presence of natural, healthy ingredients.
Why are our products different?
The Bee Firm’s product range is centered around nourishment, health support, and prevention (“let food be your medicine”).
70,000 Years in the making
The traditional owners of the land have been using key ingredients for decades. We are proud to incorporate these ingredients into our products. We are honoured to learn more and more each day about Aboriginal history and culture.
100% Recyclable
The Bee Firm is committed to environmental protection and sustainability. Our packaging is recyclable. We participate in the Australian Containers for Change Recycling Scheme and all of our corporate decisions consider impact to the environment.


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