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At The Bee Firm, we enjoy being able to support individuals in their quest for excellence.


David Muir

Stand-Up Paddle Boarder

Big Wave Dave’s been a long time athlete as both a world class super AFL footy player. His recognizes that long-term success stems from consuming super healthy food and drink while actively pursuing sports and a lifestyle he loved that’s why The Bee Firm is a perfect fit.

Davo’s footy career started at Claremont Football Club, where he was lucky (and talented!) enough to play in two premiership sides. He was drafted by the West Coast Eagles in 1993, then went to North Melbourne in 1994. Missing the West Australian coastline, Davo returned to Perth in 1995 as an inaugural member of the Fremantle Dockers and kicked the first ever goal for the club and went on to play 21 games over two seasons.

Once football finished all he wanted to do was go surfing. When stand up paddling launched on the worldwide scene, Davo naturally gravitated ot it – with his raw talent and sheer to become an immediate success in paddling huge waves. This didn’t go unnoticed, and soon he was invited to be part of the international team to compete at Teahupo’o in Tahiti – the world’s largest wave. Davo came second. And from there was invited to compete on the Stand Up World Tour. He returned to Tahiti the next year to win the event and scored the best average after 5 international competitions.

After 10 years of competing Davo is super stoked to be part of the Bee Firm team. Pushing 50 he knows that this energy drink, being all natural ingredients, give him that lift that he is looking for to compete at the top level. The other thing he really like about the product is that it is 100 percent Australian owned and Australian ingredients that tastes fantastic.


Strickland Race Development


Strickland Race Development (SRD) was formed in 1999 with the intent to create a path for young riders to reach their Motocross goals.

In 2007 Yamaha Australia recognized the program and made it an integral part of the National Junior Development Program.

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Asteel Racing

Sprint Cars

Asteel Racing are a strong West Australian family speedway racing with Keenan “Crackers” Flemming piloting the #26 Speedcar.

“Crackers” is a fourth generation West Australian speedcar driver who started his career in speedcars in 2012 at the age of 12.”


Shania Peters


Shania was introduced to shouldering by a friend about 18 months ago. “It really makes me feels safe. I’m in my element where I’m in complete of everything. It is a level of achievement and discipline that really makes me want to push harder…”

“I have done 7 years of Dance, 4 years of Rugby, 6 years of Volley ball, Lacrosse and every other sport.”

“I feel more mentally safe. Your body takes over in a way and knows exactly what to do and how to perform…”

“I train 4 to 5 days per week varying from 2 to 6 hours depending on what sort of training”

“Climbing come pretty naturally to me…in the beginning I was pretty scared…but if you are able to pull yourself over that mental barrier, then its just a walk in the park.”

“Climbing is the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

“I want to win the State titles in the next couple of years, placing first or on the podium which will take me to the nationals in bouldering or lead, and for outdoors, push as hard as I can for the higher grades.”


Firm Racing

Jet Boats

It’s no surprise that Jetsprint Racing is one of the world’s fastest growing motorsports. Originating in New Zealand, the lightweight jet boats are a spectacular sight as they slice their way around a tight twisting course. Racing these high powered “tinnies” is an enormous test of driver and navigator as they push themselves and their machinery to the absolute limit. You will not find highly paid professionals but ordinary people with an overwhelming desire to compete to see how fast and far they can go!

People who will never shy away from a challenge. People who are prepared to put everything on the line. This is not something normally associated with your average hair stylist. However, Ed Owen, who runs his own beauty salon in Perth, isn’t average. Ed set out on what might be the biggest challenge of his life starting his racing life all the way over in New Zealand at the world championships. His drive and passion for the sport is unrelenting and he is determined to justify the title of Fastest Hairdresser on Water.

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