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The Bee Firm



Ed Owen

Our Founder is a passionate Jet Boat racer.

In 2015, whilst competing, he noticed that many of his competitors were being sponsored by unhealthy, heavily processed drinks. He investigated this and discovered that these competitors were, in many cases, not consuming the drinks they were sponsored by.

Being the determined person that he is, Ed questioned why there was not a healthy alternative in the beverage market. Ed has always been about natural choices in everything he does. Through his contacts in the honey industry, he set about working to create a carbonated drink with a base ingredient of honey. After 18 months of testing and taste profiling, in January 2017, Bee nrg 250ml carbonated can was born. This inaugural product has been our flagship and is one of the only carbonated products of its kind to be classified a Health Drink under the Australian and New Zealand Health Authorities. When classifying the drink, due to its ingredients and benefits, we are proud to say it stood alone. 

Since this time, whilst working with the University of Western Australia, we were introduced to the Aboriginal Superfood, Kakadu Plum (Gubinge). Through our continued connections with Aboriginal people and businesses, we discovered Sea Cucumber and its health properties. As a company, we have been so blessed to be educated by the Aboriginal people who have been using these ingredients for over 70,000 years.

We continually conduct research and development into the health benefits of our combined ingredients and look to do more in the coming years; to give assurance and credibility to our already widely enjoyed products.

Although we are not an Indigenous owned business, we are committed to supporting Aboriginal people, businesses, artists and growers creating a responsible industry that includes and works with Aboriginals in adding value to the Australian supply chain.

We do what we do at The Bee Firm because we want to make a positive difference to people, health, environment and country.



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